Edited by: Ignacio Oliden

Translation… it seems destined to illustrate the aesthetic discussion. Borges: “Las versiones homéricas”

We invite writers to take part in the humble but arcane craft of translation. Each language is a different way of feeling or perceiving the universe, as Borges once said, and we are convinced that each translation is a way of feeling a piece of art. We therefore expect creativity and freedom in the new translations (not necessarily un-translated texts), accompanied with an original thought engaging with the translation itself or to the original text. For the readers of Paraphrasis, we warn you, citing Eliot’s opinion about Pound’s “Homage to Sextus Propertius”: if the uninstructed reader be a classical scholar, he will wonder why this does not conform to his notions of what translation should be. It is not a translation, it is a paraphrase.