Those who remain silent by Bruno Doucey

Eponine Howarth

Photograph by Claude Truong-Ngoc

Poems from Ceux qui se taisent published by Bruno Doucey

Chronicle of a village in times of crisis


They sit under the mulberry tree
and converse without chattering

The sun is never so beautiful
than in its shadow

Words are never so strong
than in silence


A woman dressed in black
laughs with all the teeth
that she has lost

Her scabbed apple face
says one thing
and tells another


He turned off the television


He went outside
and sat before his door

The stars were already shining in the sky

He looked for the ones he knew
and named them one by one

Above him
between two clouds
the consternation of Taurus


In winter
many come to watch
the television in the tavern
Between two news bulletins
they talk about the things of life

In summer
the same sit
in the shadow of an old wall
Their silences suggest
the distant rumour of the world

Seven poems translated from Greek by the summer wind


In this land
the shadow of melancholy
sits at the tavern

It smokes little
but slowly drinks the raki of silence

freedom grows impatient
and flies away

Bruno Doucey (1961, Saint-Claude) is a French writer and publisher. For many years, he taught literature at the Institut Universitaire de Formation des Maîtres (IUFM). After directing the Seghers publishing house, in 2010 he founded the publishing house Bruno Doucey editions, dedicated to the defence of world poetry and the militant values that drive it. The anthology Ceux qui se taisent (2016) gives life to the inhabitants of a village in Greece deprived of speech. It is the chronicle of a violent crisis from which emerges names and faces: those of a people who do not want to live on their knees.

Eponine Howarth

Eponine Howarth is co-editor-in-chief of La Piccioletta Barca.

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