​​La Piccioletta Barca is an arts journal publishing: short stories, poetry, prose, essays, interviews, and translations. We will only be receiving submissions through our Submittable profile.

We highly recommend familiarising yourself with the content published in the column of interest before submitting. If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch with the relevant editors prior to submission.‍



  • We try to respond to all submissions as soon as possible. This is usually within one month.
  • Past experience plays no role. We have accepted writers and artists who have never published before, as well as PEN Award winners, gallery curators, Pulitzer Prize winning journalists, and countless others.
  • All submissions are read blind.
  • We comply with CLMP’s equal opportunity guidelines.
  • All submissions are read (and discussed) by at least two editors.
  • Authors maintain all rights to their work, unless they explicitly opt-in to granting us non-exclusive rights for our print edition.
  • We are always open to discussing pitches and submissions with potential contributors not yet comfortable with their work.

Prose: We are open to both classical and experimental prose. While there is no minimum word limit, we strongly recommend that you submit pieces below 5000 words.

Verse: Include up to 5 poems, with no restriction regarding the style. The titles and the line breaks should be clearly marked.

Please provide a short 100-200 word text to accompany the pieces you submit, giving context to the project and the motivations behind producing it – good reference for such texts can be found in articles in the ‘Visual Arts’ section of our Archive [ ]. Moreover, the quality of the images should be sufficiently high (minimum 2500px), unless you are submitting multiple files. If so, please group them in a .pdf file for the initial consideration, and we will request high-resolution images upon acceptance.

Please submit an audio file (preferably .mp3) that is up to 10 minutes long, accompanied by a text of at least 200 words on the piece. The same applies for music videos.

If submitting an audio-file or video, a tentative limit on its duration would be around 25 minutes. If the interview is submitted in text form, then try to keep it below 8000 words. We are open to interview pitches (especially interviews in non-conventional formats), and will assist you in contacting the interviewee in question if desired.


Submit a maximum of 5 poems, a short story, essay, work of experimental prose or flash fiction between 500-5000 words. There are no stylistic or thematic limitations. We also accept work authored by multiple writers. There is no need to submit a piece more than once however, in the cover letter of the submission please include all relevant bios of those responsible for creating it.