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Submission Checklist

Find The Appropriate Issue
While our stimuli are not meant to be overtly constraining, interesting connections between your piece and a stimulus is preferred.
Read The Relevant Guidelines
Find form-specific guidelines, such as word-count recommendations, preferred audio file lengths and desired image quality for visual arts submissions.
Submit Your Piece
Once you've chosen an issue and have checked the relevant guidelines, you're ready to submit! Submit directly to an issue below, or visit our Submittable page.

Note: The deadlines displayed below are the final submission deadlines for each issue. Due to our 'rolling-submissions' model you might find the submissions forms momentarily delisted before that date. If this is the case, check back soon and they will be up again. This is done to ensure each submissions receives adequate and swift attention!

Issue 26 - Titanic's Last Menu

Stimulus: The last lunch menu of the RMS Titanic, which was sold in auction 100 years after the ship sank.

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Deadline: December 1st.
Publication: December 7th.

Issue 27 - Speech by Leonard Cohen

Stimulus: Leonard Cohen's 2011 Prince Of Asturias Awards Speech.

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Deadline: January 1st.
Publication: January 7th.

Submission Guidelines

select an option:

Prose and Verse

Prose: We are open to both classical and experimental prose. While there is no minimum word limit, we strongly recommend that you submit pieces below 5000 words.

Verse: Include up to 5 poems, with no restriction regarding the style. The titles and the line breaks should be clearly marked.

Visual Arts

Please provide a short 100-200 word text to accompany the pieces you submit, giving context to the project and the motivations behind producing it – good reference for such texts can be found in articles in the ‘Visual Arts’ section of our Archive [ ]. Moreover, the quality of the images should be sufficiently high (minimum 2500px), unless you are submitting multiple files. If so, please group them in a .pdf file for the initial consideration, and we will request high-resolution images upon acceptance.


Please submit an audio file (preferably .mp3) that is up to 10 minutes long, accompanied by a text of at least 200 words on the piece. The same applies for music videos.


If submitting an audio-file or video, a tentative limit on its duration would be around 25 minutes. If the interview is submitted in text form, then try to keep it below 8000 words. We are open to interview pitches (especially interviews in non-conventional formats), and will assist you in contacting the interviewee in question if desired.

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We're always open to considering unconventional formats and submissions. If you're unsure of whether you piece fits, feel free to contact us!

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