Countdown by Camila Evia

Patricio Ferrari

(Detail from Surreal Scene, 1930, by Mina Loy)


                    Only in the segregated angles of Lunatic Asylums
                    Do those who have strained to exceeding themselves
                    Break on our edgeless contours

                                                              – Mina Loy
beginning with a fair
skin from which we run
our prowess
scales the cityscape
as eyelashes become
tamed by a lashing of stars
and we delay our passions
inside the young twilight
of a cold-blooded lineage
a hunger long swallowed
once quenched with rage
and we dissuade each other in ratholes
an immortality that is ours
bearing old dwellings
suddenly stuck
in a life of impalpable dimensions
and we stand opposite of the cities’ lie
one we digest gut by gut
as the streetlights call
evanescent before these hollow eyes.

Nos dimos cuenta

                     Only in the segregated angles of Lunatic Asylums
                     Do those who have strained to exceeding themselves
                     Break on our edgeless contours

                                                               – Mina Loy

Nos dimos cuenta
empezando por fuera
de esa piel por donde
nos escapamos
nuestra elasticidad
camina por el techo
y las pestañas se
contaminan de estrellas
en el joven crepúsculo
de nuestra cruel descendencia
dejamos nuestras pasiones de lado
habiendo tragado su hambre
satisfecho de ira
nos disuadimos en nidos de ratas
viejos aposentos nacidos
de nuestra inmortalidad
estancados tan rápido
en una vida de impalpables dimensiones
estamos al revés de la mentira de las ciudades
que se digiere en nuestros estómagos
mientras las luces de la calle
se desvanecen ante nuestros ojos.

Camila Evia, San Martín de los Andes, Argentina (July, 1987). Poet, graphic designer and translator. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). She is the Art Director of Buenos Aires Poetry, working with editorial design as well as editing and translation. Her artwork was exhibited in several media from Argentina, Latin America, United States (Print Magazine) and Italy. Her poems have been published in magazines from Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Italy, France, Colombia, Macedonia and China. Her first book, Ridículos (Buenos Aires Poetry) was published in 2019. In 2020 Buenos Aires Poetry published her translation of the British poet Mina Loy Poemas escogidos + Feminist manifesto with an extended edition coming up in 2021.

Patricio Ferrari

Patricio Ferrari is a polyglot poet, editor, and literary translator. Recent editions and translations include The Galloping Hour: French Poems by Alejandra Pizarnik (co-translated with Forrest Gander; New Directions, 2018) and The Complete Works of Alberto Caeiro by Fernando Pessoa (co-translated with Margaret Jull-Costa; New Directions, 2020). His work appears in Asymptote, Buenos Aires Poetry, Lit Hub, The Paris Review, Words Without Borders, among others.

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