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Konstantinos Doxiadis

Senior Editor

I'm a graduate of philosophy from the University of Cambridge, interested in the philosophy of language and formal logic, with an emphasis on the relations between formal and natural languages.

Vasiliki Poula

Senior Editor

I am a second-year Law student at LSE, where I am mostly interested in constitutional reform and the impact of the uncodified constitution on the judicial interpretation of statutes.

Eponine Howarth

Editor of
The Thread

I’m a second year law student at LSE, with already three years of politics and international relations under my belt.

Konstantis Alexopoulos


I’m an ocean science and marine conservation student at the University of Plymouth, with a passion for traveling and visual storytelling.

Theoni Androulidaki

Visual Arts

I'm a Management student at the University of Bath, with a lively engagement in the field of the Arts, and especially that of visual arts.

Georgina Castagneto

Art Director

I’m a graphic design student from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Zoe Fairtlough

Communications Adviser & Reader

I graduated in biology at the University of Exeter and went on to a career in life sciences communications and corporate responsibility. Now I'm writing novels and short stories about immigrant experiences, science, and family life.

Nacho Oliden

Editor of

Film and literature student, I am now enjoying all which the second hand bookstores in Buenos Aires can provide me with. I like Gardel, The Office, and 19th century battles.

Facundo Rodriguez

Editor of

After graduating from LSE’s BSc. in Politics and Philosophy and MSc. in Political Theory I’m now looking forward to starting my MPhil. in Philosophy at Cambridge next year.