The song 'Υπνε που παίρνεις τα παιδιά'

Υπνε που παίρνεις τα παιδιά (Sleep thou who takest children) is a traditional Greek 'νανούρισμα', that is, a slow, peaceful song meant to lull small children to sleep. This is achieved not only through the inflection of the singer, but also with the rhythmic repetition of soft sounds in the lyrics, and a lack of plosives and harsh sounds. Whilst listening to the song, it is crucial to remember that the child being sung to is often too young to understand the lyrics. Thus, the sonic impact is as, if not more, important than the semantics. Over the centuries, countless variations of the song have surfaced, but none touched us more than the particularly chilling rendition by the contemporary musical group Chóres. You can listen to their interpretation here:

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