Micaela Brinsley

As a developmental editor at LPB, I collaborate directly with contributors to workshop their pieces. I love working with writers and meeting them through their work.

In the spirit of supporting writers, it feels right to lift up the names of writers who've shaped my own relationship with language. Some of my favorite writers make work in a language I do not speak (always so grateful for translators!) and all examine what it means to live within language and a body, with all of its contradictions, intimacies, wounds and salves. I'm leaving many off this list, but I highly recommend: Sara Ahmed, Natalia Ginzburg, Ocean Vuong, Clarice Lispector, and Durga Chew-Bose.

I spend most of my time swimming in the ocean, reading books in front of the fire and talking with friends over coffee. I was trained in the theatre and appreciate any kind of performance, from experimental art to film to a singer-songwriter with a guitar on a bare stage. I love long walks, which I like to think of as its own form of reading and writing. I would be happy to talk about this theory with anyone at any time.