Eponine Howarth

I’m the editor of The Thread. I also regularly come up with new crazy ideas for columns, print editions, and short film festivals to keep Konstantinos and Vasiliki very busy. In the past, I have suggested getting t-shirts with “I heart LPB” or “LPB is life". Unfortunately, the idea didn’t make it to the board meeting.

On a personal note, I might actually be the world’s #1 fan of the French novelist, diplomat, and filmmaker, Romain Gary. This obsession includes buying old newspapers from 1945 in which he published short stories, dragging my friends to Lithuania and Switzerland to visit where he used to live, and asking my grandparents to negotiate a limited edition album in their hometown.

In terms of my own personal projects, I’m currently writing a novel on the blurry distinction between fiction and reality. I also enjoy coming up with ideas for short films in my bath. Outside of LPB, I’m a law student at the London School of Economics. So if my novelist or filmmaking career both fail, I might become a human rights lawyer, a professor of political sciences, a French diplomat, work for the United Nations, or even open a coffeeshop in Berlin. Who knows…?