Vasiliki Poula

As La Piccioletta Barca’s co-founder, I’ve had the pleasure to experience LPB’s growth from the cradle, alongside Konstantinos. Since October 2018, my programme is really planned around the 7th of each month, when our digital issues are published. Enthralled by all the new projects that go on at LPB, I always try to help out, growing the magazine and contributing to the realisation of its mission.

LPB is a product of globalisation and we believe we live up to the expectations of inclusiveness and cross-cultural dialogue. At the same time, though, we celebrate cultural heterogeneity. In this spirit, as a contributor at LPB, I primarily try to introduce to our international audience the intricacies of a Greek heritage. I am particularly impressed by ‘To Axion Esti’ (translated as ‘Worthy It Is’). Widely held to be Odysseus Elytis’ chef d’oeuvre, it is a monumental, epic piece of alternating prose and verse, a kind of spiritual autobiography, which makes everything feel eternal and human at the same time. Apart from reading it, one should also listen to it, as majestically set to music by Mikis Theodorakis - one might not understand the lyrics, yet the voices and the melodies are equally fascinating.

Apart from writing about Greek poetry, prose and painting, I am intrigued by Athenian architecture, Greek folktale, contemporary European literature, and obscure narrative songs from all over the word (the odder, the better!), while I also enjoy documenting life on the Aegean Sea’s islands - particularly, of their elderly inhabitants.

Outside of LPB, I’m studying law at the London School of Economics, but I’m, more often than not, found bombarding my friends with Greek politics trivia, trying to persuade everyone how amazing the European Union is, and constantly crafting plans to address problems of systemic corruption and discrimination at home and abroad!