Georgina Castagneto

At La Piccioletta Barca I help with all the illustrations, telling stories with black ink drawings. Being part of this team has given me the chance to connect and create with different people from all over the world, which I find incredibly enriching.

Since I can remember I’ve always been keen on art. I was that kid who spent hours doodling. Not much has changed. Now you can usually find me drawing or working on my degree in Graphic Design.

An artist I admire is Jean-Michel Basquiat. His work is at first sight what most people would say ‘a completely mess’ but there is something in that mess I find mesmerising.

Another artist I really admire is van Gogh. Every now and then I find myself rereading ‘The Letters of Vincent van Gogh’, which contains all the letters he wrote to his brother Theo. His work and his perspective on the world is truly inspiring and gives me that little push I sometimes need to keep creating, not only in art field but in life generally. I can’t recommend that book enough. If you have the chance to see one of his original paintings, take a copy of the book with you! It will change your art experience.