Tractatus Logico Bibliophicus

Jeremy Khoo

Some verses of the Bible in symbolic logic. No guarantee that these are good translations. Translator’s discretion used more often than not for comedic effect rather than technical accuracy. In no particular order:

Ecclesiastes 9:11
¬∀x(x is swift → x wins races) & ¬∀x(x is strong → x wins battles) & ¬∀x(x is wise → x obtains bread) & ¬∀x(x is a man of understanding → x obtains riches) & ¬∀x(x is a man of skill → x obtains favour) & ∀x(time and chance happens to x).

John 3:16
God loved the world so much & ∃x(x is a son of God & ∀y(y is a son of God → y = x) & x was given up by God) & ∀x(x believes in God → (x shall not perish & x shall have eternal life).

Romans 8:28
∀x((x loves God & x is called according to God’s purpose) → ∀y(y is a thing → y works for the good of x)).

Galatians 5:22
∀x(x is the fruit of the Spirit → (x is love OR x is joy OR x is peace OR x is patience OR x is kindness OR x is goodness OR x is faithfulness)).

John 11:25
∀x(x is Jesus → (x is the resurrection & ∀y(y is the resurrection → y = x) & x is the life & ∀y(y is the life → y = x)) and ∀y(y believes in x → (y is dead → y shall yet live))).

*Jeremy is a philosophy undergraduate at Cambridge University interested in questions of morality.

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