Sounds Unseen

Geoffrey Heptonstall

The door closes on the day.

From an open window

the air issues a warning,

but closure brings a sense of rest.

This house may feel at peace.

Outside there is an eager crowd

anticipating a journey.

They will not go far.

Inside there is no-one

beyond the eyes of her mind.

There is flesh on her face

beneath the silk that shields her

from the fire in the sky

and the ice that burns.

Nature is always there.

Some sounds remain unseen.

Others are visible in darkness.

Through the curtains a hint of light

that is the midnight watchword

never known to be silent.

Geoffrey Heptonstall

Geoffrey Heptonstall is the author of a novel, Heaven’s Invention [revised paperback edition Black Wolf, 2017] and a collection of poetry, The Rites of Paradise [Cyberwit 2020]. See also mention of his work in Kate McLoughlin’s British Literature in Transition vol. 4 Cambridge University Press 2019. He lives in Cambridge.

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