Nonverbal and Lost in Grief

Caitlin Mitchel-Markley


Such sorrowful glances, never seen, but always sent
with longing
in seclusion
hidden, but not lost.

If I speak, I’ll shatter
into a million silent shards.

Isolated and never accommodated
my words trapped within.

But I am here.

Lost in Grief

What solace do I take
in the words yet unspoken
in moments not forgotten
and dreams not remembered?

Mountains of sorrows to be climbed,
while trapped in a misery swallowed by secrets.

Crying out in silent grief
upon my knees
clutching at my heart
as though to pull it from my body
and thus release my pain.


Such release
though sought is never granted

        and I am lost.

Caitlin Mitchel-Markley

Formerly an attorney, Ms. Mitchel-Markley is a neurodivergent poet and stay-at-home mom to three incredible children. She now spends her time writing poetry, cuddling her husband, and teaching her kids about all things nerdy. Her work recently appeared in the second volume of Aurora, The Allegory Ridge Poetry Anthology.

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