Morpheus, Cloud and Dream

Youna Rahard-Guillaumont

In The Book of Dreams, Fellini strives to crystallise dreams in snapshots — a proof of what did exist, however ephemeral and fleeting. It represents an example of the tendency and desire of humans to fix things, such as the passing of time. Ultimately, compensating for the failure to control and master time, individuals merely attempt to appropriate a portion of it. The yearning to remember a thought, a dream, but also simply a moment of the day, whether endearing or insignificant, is intrinsic to the human condition.

In a similar way, capturing an instant in a polaroid photograph every day for months, or writing a poem that pins down feelings and emotions, is simply the realisation that our memory is largely fallible, that days (and nights) pass by, eventually forgotten in an equivalent fashion to dreams and daydreams.

Leafing through a diary of dreams, a travel diary, a logbook, whether intimate or not, is a way to hold between our hands, a tangible and material proof that everything is forgotten, including the passage of time.


Ô Morphée, ce que j’aime
Me prélasser dans tes draps
Être enlacée par tes bras
Me complaire dans ta chair
Me lover dans tes viscères

M’adonner à tes pensées
Que l’on appelle rêve, soit
La vie est faite de trêves

09.11.2016 – 2 am



Edredon de poussière
Reflet de la Terre
Humidité allégée
Condamné à errer
Compagnon des plumes
Ami de la Lune
Percé d’hélices
En larme se meurt
Chapardeur de chaleur
Imposteur d’été
Contemple notre éternité





Essence infinie
Cœur inépuisable
De l’absurde au paradis
De l’horreur au désirable
Echappatoire d’un abattoir
Plume d’un poisson lune
Tourment illusoire
Ecume partagée
Mal être refoulé
Beauté exploitée
Rapace aux griffes d’or




Oh Morpheus, how I love
To bask in your sheets
Embraced by your arms
To wallow in your flesh
Curl up in your viscera

Indulge in your thoughts
Call it a dream, that is
A life made of reprieves

09.nov.2016 – 2 am



Dust quilt
Reflection of the Earth
Lighter humidity
Condemned to wander
Feather companion
Friend of the Moon
Drilled with propellers
Dying in tears
Heat thief
Summer Impostor
Contemplate our eternity




Infinite essence
Inexhaustible heart
From absurdity to paradise
From horror to desire
Escape from a slaughterhouse
Feather of a sunfish
Illusionary torment
Shared froth
Repressed ill-being
Exploited beauty
Golden clawed raptor


Youna Rahard-Guillaumont

Youna grew up in the south of France, in Marseille and studied medicine in Geneva. While a qualified doctor, in her spare time, she enjoys photography and poetry. For the last few months, she has been taking a polaroid every day for her diary.

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