City Symmetry

Jeanne Wilkinson

The award winning “City Symmetry Series" continues my exploration of abstract forms in everyday life. In particular, I believe that symmetries contain a kind of magic, and that broken symmetries are the stuff of life itself.

To give visual form to this belief, I photograph office buildings, churches, parks, pavement, trees, sculptures, stairways - most of them in New York City - and place them into mirrored relationships, revealing underlying forces and relationships otherwise invisible to our everyday vision.

The symmetries do not always match; structures and streets form tenuous balances that move from color to color and linearity to linearity, reflecting the nature of the city not as sterile and hostile but as (potentially) a place of beauty and growth. In this series, I have printed out the black and white images and hand-colored them with ink, watercolor and pencil.

Jeanne Wilkinson

Jeanne Wilkinson works with digital collages, animations and video installations in her Downtown Brooklyn studio. Her work has been shown extensively in NYC and worldwide. Her experimental videos have been screened at BAM, at the Greenpoint and New York Independent Film Festivals, and a video installation was in a one-woman play in Manhattan's 13th Street Repertory Theater.

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