The Umbrella Summer

Konstantis Alexopoulos

14 July 2019, Omiya, Japan

It’s been raining for the past few weeks now, and this Sunday wasn’t going to be an exception. I find it bizarre that people are still out with their bicycles, as if it was a beautiful day. But who knows – maybe that’s exactly what a beautiful day looks like. Or maybe, that’s what we all need at some point, in order to appreciate beauty.

28 July 2019, Tokyo, Japan

This Sunday, it’s a different kind of umbrella… It’s the one that pairs up just fine, with a nice set of sunglasses and sun-kissed skin. Or even an ice-cream, slowly melting as the sunshine hugs it. What a wonderful day to do all these things you wanted to do, and to avoid the things that need to be done.

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