Jerome Berglund

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The pursuit of knowledge and excellence, mastery at its highest degrees, makes for an arduous and confounding path, a befuddling pastime and downright harrowing proposition to boldly elect and make one's life's work.

Theorem (THUMBNAIL) - Jerome Berglund

A striking literary analogue might be Kafka's the Castle, the entrance to which his identifiable protagonist devotes a lifetime to stubbornly chasing.

In this selection of photographs, I endeavored to reconnoiter that intimidating undertaking, snip out a few striking moments and telling visualizations, of feelings characteristic to such fruitful if taxing explorations, through soupy mist.

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Consider me Virgil, and allow me to usher you across the wastes obligatory to traverse, if ones strives toward reaching the loftiest, most astonishing heights...

Jerome Berglund graduated from the cinema-television production program at the University of Southern California, and has spent much of his career working in television and photography. He has had photographs published and awarded in local papers and last year staged an exhibition in the Twin Cities area which included a residency of several months at a local community center. The most recent show featuring his pictures, at the Pause Gallery in New York, opened in early December.

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