The Burnt

S.T. Brant

I burn in a twirl of words, O, voice of Fire, voice of Love, voice of a language of Destruction,
O, voice of a Seal that could kill Death, O, wreath and wrath of Word,
Speak of thine spinning,
Spell round me that I may in petals on the wind enjoy the sound’s Destroying and Remorphing,
Thine whirl of fury, O, glad ardor of being,
Burn wheel, wheel, burning wheel,
That music of thy churning, sweet sibilance,
Fire sing thine love,
Burn, hurt, round, round,

There is too much unmet within this fire, no match is any joy in heart,
I twirl in burning words singing their singing, burning their burn.

Terebinth is a teacher currently residing in Las Vegas.

Issue 15
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