Back To Square One

Tony Murray

The Madness:

This work is a representational abstraction of a thought process.  The triangle aluminum base is only slightly different from the other directional supports.  Meaning the foundation on which it is built has no preeminence. The first movement, curved Stainless Steel, represents a hesitation or reflection while maintaining fortitude and perseverance.  While entering the second triangle it becomes reestablished and stubbornly rises to the third triangle whose geometry is now inverted alluding to a transformed or alternate view of reality. “Back to square one” is often a term used for starting over, but in this case the top is the “Gold Standard” which is impossible to attain but nevertheless beckons the artist on.

The Method:

Comprised of Billet Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass.   Each piece is precision machined and fitted so that there is no need for welding or soldering,  This allows the use of non homogenous metals and also offers a degree of articulation so that the work can move and change shape or be disassembled and made into something else.  I seldom if ever paint my sculptures since the metals I use have their own distinct shades, contrasts and hues that I seek.

Tony Murray

Tony Murray is a self taught artist whoʼs work has been in over 75 Nationwide and Regional juried art shows and exhibits. His eclectic works involve various media such as drawing, scratchboard, painting, videography, sculpture and photography.

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