Walks Around Chengdu

Kada Williams

Most ministers here
Will surely adhere
To needs of the state that they govern

A wall in the wind
Sawed-down tamarind
A city with burgeoning trade

The apprentice is strong
It shall not be long
Before the brick-laying he'll master

Yet down by the river
A rock comes, a sliver
From tall and mysterious mountains

The boy finds a road
Departs from the load
Moving through meadows to fountains

Still he can't ensure
How will he endure
Through hailfall from crackling heavens

Nor pick up the mind
When his eyes fall blind
All scattered by fancies remote

Though Nature impels
Self-nurture compels
To lift up a cabin of wit

When in the great town
Faces turn to frown
Ways forward will shine bright from it

Issue 9
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