The Look

Konstantis Alexopoulos

Kids playing outside, at Ueno Onshi Park, during a sunny day, in Tokyo. July 2019
Konstantis Alexopoulos/National Geographic YourShot

This moment had touched me, already before I captured it. I remember that day I was wandering around at Ueno Park, after my visit at the Tokyo National Museum, when I saw three young boys trying to climb a tree. I liked the composition of the frame, so I lifted the camera to my eye, placed my index finger on the shutter-button, and clicked a 'test shot'. As I was correcting the settings, I noticed this girl running around. When she saw me too, she stopped in her tracks. As she stared, I felt as if her eyes would penetrate my skull, giving her access to every single one of my thoughts. It was then when I realised that no one can actually hide from kids - they will always be there, looking. No one can fool them - children will have the rest of their lives to remember.

The two seconds she gave me, before she abandoned my frame, transforming from a cosmic messenger back to a kid again, were almost over. I took the shot.

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