On The Arrival of Spring

JR Korpa

Issue 29
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The blaze of a hummingbird hints in sweet shade,
Among brief petals that the year has brought,
Rolling out, like the lover’s smile, to sun’s note.

From the skies a dream of light is boughed;
Crosses over long fields and falls
In the exact point of this garden
In which my book is opened.

I think in delight:
What glorious movement of gears
Has been sketched in those margins,
And decided such luck?

Birds! Roses! All have come to me!
Dew of the first greening    
Enlivening the locked-up trees,
And this faraway sunbeam arrives at last
To let me read my books outside!

Nacho Oliden

In charge, with Facundo, of the translation column Paraphrasis, I share hidden or forgotten treasures with the literary world. I find LPB an extraordinary point of encounter for cultures and arts, for discovering new authors, and for enjoying life in its poetic form, whether it be reading the submissions, or talking with the editing crew.

Issue 29
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