Dmitri Akers

The tide falls on the sand
As rugged seamen wander
Onto the shore, holding grimaces
Mean-blue eyes scan the land
Finding fauna, land, flora, to be reaped
From their roots, to be gutted

The ships held petty thieves, vagabonds, etc.
Highwaymen, whores, etc.
The margin, the outer, the ‘et cetera’
These undesirables from the isle, Albion, England
Sent to the Penal Colony (like one of Kafka’s stories)
For servitude

Terra Nullius
And with those words, all theirs fell on deaf ears.
I am an honours student of English at the University of Adelaide, where my thesis concerns the representation of madness within modernist literature. The works of Franz Kafka and Samuel Beckett move me the most. Although I wanted to write since I was small, I have soon realised I am a fool. I prefer calling myself both a fool and a poet.

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