Where did you come from/how did you arrive?

Lagnajita Mukhopadhyay

Photograph by Jesse Williams

Notes on being homeless:

  1. from war, working class, thought of summer
  2. or wind, hard, delayed, born into the desert
  3. I am moving from the place I was born.
  4. There are no faces like yours in this country.
  5. Great Depression, alien, extra cash for more land
  6. conspiracies, ancestrally, city, recent large arrival
  7. or a memory of time before him, and you, children
  8. I arrive gawking, colonial memory, lucky internet
  9. I forgot that I did not want to go, of music computer
  10. in a heat wave, atone, truer, couldn’t hold
  11. I forgot offshore detention, never sacrificed
  12. They fly, in a heat wave, proud, am arriving more
  13. and lesser crises: how you won’t give up stolen land
  14. generational sin, Sometimes you may never see
  15. how you refuse to go anywhere else, snow
  16. on the mountains, backyard half pipe, America
  17. how the blinking lights, goodbye to the sky
  18. or return, return, wanting something else to hold

Lagnajita Mukhopadhyay

Lagnajita Mukhopadhyay is an Indian-born epic poem collage stranger and break-up with America tour—on self-imposed exile from New Nashville, and the author of the books this is our war (Penmanship Press, Brooklyn, 2016) and everything is always leaving (M.C. Sarkar & Sons, Kolkata, 2019), and poetry album i don’t know anyone here (2020). She was the first Nashville Youth Poet Laureate, finalist for the first National Youth Poet Laureate, and Pushcart Prize nominee. With a Masters’ in Migration and Diaspora at SOAS, she is now a Masters' candidate in Creative Writing at Goldsmiths. Find her work in Poetry Society of America, Nashville Arts Magazine, and Cream City Review, among others.

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