Studies in Abstraction

Steven Tutino

Geometric abstraction to me is creating order out of chaos, meaning out of seamless disorder and uncertainty. These early works date back to 2016, when I felt more comfortable with acrylic rather than oil, though the wide-ranging free use of the palette knife has always been a mainstay of my signature style. For a while I developed and sustained an interest in geometric abstraction, creating color patterns through the use of shape and form, and manipulating the palette knife with great attentiveness, discipline and control. The creative process was very organic and spontaneous at first, but I soon began to intuit a sense of order and understanding where the painting was going in terms of a finished product. I can still remember and almost feel the sense of exhilaration and liberation I felt every time I completed a painting like this.

There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling to me than painting; it fills my life with deep meaning and value, and allows me to lose all sense of time and of myself, so that I emerge from the chaotic tumult a renewed person with a renewed sense of my place in the world and in the cosmos. There is a sense of order here in terms of compositional space and in the rectangular, block-like geometry which, at the time of painting, fulfilled an abstract need for love and longing for holiness in dreams. Eventually, I did begin to feel restricted by this style, but it has served as an important element in my artistic development, for which I am grateful.

Freedom to love freedom to explore and create and push boundaries freedom to be and freedom to live and die freedom to color the world freedom of yearning for freedom of ecstasy freedom of knowing love and its scent freedom of consciousness freedom of expression freedom of art – art is freedom the way I move my body in purity of form in full flight we are one perfect harmony in  freedom of self-discovery is fragile and precious – we are susceptible to wounding and human existence is precarious – there is strength in vulnerability freedom and courage to be vulnerable in my memory of loving you art is a celebration of the beauty and inherent goodness of creation and human existence freedom of the human spirit to pursue meaning and value in accordance with the common good the highest good is ennobling and dignifying wonderful joyous creation beautiful life I’m living – potential so much potential beautiful broken me I am free.

Steven Tutino

Steven Tutino is a painter, writer and poet who was born in Montréal, Canada. His artwork has appeared in numerous journals and magazines including TreeHouse Arts, Montréal Writes, Spadina Literary Review, The Montréal Gazette, The Indianapolis Review, Apricity Magazine, Ariel's Dream, Wild Roof, Beyond Words, Unlimited Literature, The Raw Art Review and After the Pause.

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