MAPS - Reading List 22

La Piccioletta Barca

The discussion on maps - composed of an assemblage of shorter texts, poetry, images, films, and art pieces connected by a particular theme - took place on Sunday, 27 August at 9pm Athens time, 8pm in Paris, 7pm in London, 3pm in Buenos Aires, 2pm EDT, and 11am PDT.

The list

- 'Cartography of fire' by Natasha Sardzoska

- Maps by the Front Bottoms:

- 'The Abandoned House' by Mario Levrero, translated by Frances Riddle:

- 'Airport', 3AM magazine:

- Old map of the Mediterranean Sea (cover image)

- This page from the literary magazine territory. Not any of the works the page links to, just the page itself.

- 'On Exactitude in Science' by Jorge Luis Borges

- Maps about love:

- 'The Library of Babel' by Jorge Luis Borges

- An excerpt from the book Underground by Will Hunt

- Meme:

- Map of Moominvalley by Tove Jansson:

- 'Ida Western Exile' by Courtney Stephens:

- 'Wadden Sea Suite' by Dorthe Nors;

- Map of the Ocean by Georges Perec

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