The Titan’s Goblet

Nicholas Roberts

Dropping from the circumference
And bent by wind, waterfalls
From brim hedged in thicket.
A temple on the north bank,
A villa on the south. Paracelsus
Made dizzy by the stem, emblem
Of the fountain, Mount Athos
Reaching fastigium of Tristan chord.
Cole’s vertex, such coral jorum
Realm of cock-a-hoop pastance,
Like Bosch in erotic greenery.
Who lives beneath the dome?
A still life of van Aelst, subdued
Into a fantasy of Dinocrates.

Nicholas Roberts is a 23-year old Boston-based poet. He draws from a number of inspirations, ranging from ancient Greek and Old English poetry, to 20th century poets such as W.H. Auden, William Carlos Williams, W.B. Yeats, and Jack Spicer.

Issue 18
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