The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Konstantis Alexopoulos

The three faces of routine

The ‘bad’, this unproductively repetitious passing of days, weeks, months. Things are not going good and the horizon looks foggy, but hope is still not lost. Some of us will turn up to God for help. Others who appear to be prone to addictions, are not to reach their break point just yet.

The ‘ugly’ is simply the stage when one finally loses their end of the Mitos of Ariadne, and surrenders after the realization of being alone inside the maze of life with the Minotaur of their own mind.  Caring about the ‘bad’ face of reality stops, as feelings and thoughts, cede their position to a progressively growing void. During that time, extensive hours of sleep are a piece of cake even for the most – once upon a time – sworn overthinking individuals. The mood is usually at the highest or the lowest end, and a silly comment is able to either cause uncontrollable laughter, or a rage burst. This stage extends to…

…The ‘good’. Either at the form of a bounce point from the bottom of the pit (‘bad’), or as a nostalgic vibe in a shitstorm of reality (‘ugly’), the mind finds a place to (day)dream, create, and therefore, become free. Time and space lose their original meaning and eventually get distorted, creating a fake but lifelike feeling that this experience is lasting forever – when this experience ends, one gradually regains sense of time, realizing that it hasn’t been that long since the beginning of it.

After one, or more, similar experiences, inspiration might strike, a chance given by the universe itself, or maybe imposed by the freedom of our own minds, to escape this vicious circle. Otherwise, routine-loop follows.

Konstantis Alexopoulos

I’m an ocean science and marine conservation student at the University of Plymouth, with a passion for traveling and visual storytelling. Through my photos, I am trying to communicate the incredible beauty of nature and the spiritual charm of people. I invite you to my journey in life, to witness the moments that I see through the lens of my camera, and read the thoughts that I hear in my head. You can find more of my work at:

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