CRAFT - Reading List 24

La Piccioletta Barca

Our discussion this month was focused on craft and art-making.

The list

- "Blind: Silent Meditations," Evan M. Cohen:

- Fine Work with Pitch and Copper - William Carlos Williams:

- A Piece of Stitched Writing :

- A Poem by Tadeusz Różewicz

- Baudelaire by Delmore Schwartz

- For the Love of Avocado:

- Network and Cells by Jane Alison

- Beau Miles - Junk Paddle:

- David Lynch on Ideas:

- Excerpt from Either/Or, Elif Batuman (from the bottom of p. 84 to the section break on 88):

- Conversations with Denise Levertov

- Monique Wittig, 2 pages extracted from The Lesbian Body

- Excerpt from Merce Cunningham's 'Changes: notes on choreography'

- Notes on Craft by Kathryn Scanlan:

- The Sentence is a Lonely Place by Gary Lutz

- Watch us build a treehouse in 30 seconds:

- Lee McKenna:

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