Jack Bordnick

Bordnick's sculptural and photographic imagery is a reflection of my past and present forces and included in the imagination of my life’s stories. They represent an evolutionary process of these ideas and how that all of life’s forces are interconnected, embraced and expressed thru creative art forms. His works represent what I have accomplished with this art form. It's his quantum and metaphoric moment, the changing from one form to another. They express and implement my thoughts and feelings, regarding taking risks, without any guarantee of their success and to be reflected in these present works, is my goal. The predominate imagery deals mostly with facial expressions of both living and non-living beings and things. They are expressed in these many forms and images and do speak to us in their own languages. These present sculptural images incorporate both the surrealistic, mythological and magical imagery; fabricated in a textural, metallic and mixed media assemblages. They are assembled, disassembled and reassembled. They’re heavily textured surfaces becoming abstractions unto themselves and he allows them to revert back to their origins, from which they came. Enjoy their stories.