Simon Pera

I recently started curating the photography for LPB. I really enjoy reading the pieces submitted, with their diversity in styles and themes, and give a visual identity that complements the writings. It is quite encouraging to see people from so many different cultures with such passion for the arts.

I would strongly recommend the photographic work of the mexican writer Juan Rulfo. He translates the characteristic tone and athmosphere of his novels to his photographs in an admirable way.

I also find Rembrandt´s work really attractive. Whether it is a landscape or a portrait, I believe he always finds the right approach to create interesting scenes. He is my definition of an artist, not just because of his talent, but also because of his relationship with art.

Outside of LPB, I am currently working on a photographic project which I hope will conclude as a photobook. I also organize a film seminar with Nacho, where we try to share our passion for film.