Despoina Kotsi

I was swimming happily in the sea of human rights, law and education, when La Piccioletta Barca collected me as a volunteer for Outreach & Partnerships. What a lovely vessel! I aspire to spread on it the corals of my forefather Plato and the shells of my 'aunt' Renaissance. I dare say a cosmogony will find us on this little raft. And I long for the moment when I witness one of Botticelli's middays come into conversation with Solomos' lyrical afternoon.

To dress in the white uniform of Phengarontymeni (the Moon-clad woman), extending a helping hand at uncle-Tom’s Cabin, while with my formal clothes I begin to sketch the idea of a nation during the next politician’s inauguration by articulating the rhythm "On the pulse of the Morning". There, from the heart of my own philosophy I dream of a cosmopolitan breakfast for a dialogue to start between countries.